How The Positive Thinking Company works

When you opt to work with us, you will benefit from the skills of top consultants from the best schools and universities, and from wide-ranging and successful backgrounds. Choosing us means the guarantee of a stable team with dynamic, close-knit and complementary professionals. Our company’s human scale is a strength. Every project is managed with following keywords kept in mind: common objectives, agile, performant and solutionoriented.

The process

How Positive Thinking Company works brainstorming


We listen to your dream and interview key stakeholders. This preliminary analysis is free of charge. Results are documented and form the basis for our proposal.


A proposal is created by our technical and sales team, including an estimation in terms of timeline, resources required and pricing for the proof of concept.

Proof of concept

We develop an experiment or pilot project at our premises, which demonstrates that a design concept or business proposal is feasible. This can be several agile sprints and can require somewhere between 1 week and 3 months.


We present the solution to you. This is the basis of the complete project and outlines the next steps. We value working software over comprehensive documentation.

Project start

After having defined and agreed upon the common objectives, we start the project.

Service levels


The ADNEOM’s Positive Talents supplement your in-house team as additional resources to provide technical or functional support. Provision of management expertise on the basis of a skill centre and a commitment to quality via KPIs can also be set up and delivered.

Flexible and Scalable

Competence Center

Our experts integrate with your product or project lifecycle, with a commitment to quality via KPIs. A team managed by us, committed to set deliverables with prioritization of activities. We share a collaborative approach with our clients to all the operations performed by our consultants.

Optimal Communication

Fixed Price

Result-oriented approach with defined deliverables. This includes an estimation, scope and timeline for delivery. We are committed to providing quality and results across the entire process. We seek to respond to special needs by planning and budgeting them beforehand.

Managed Risk and Control

A custom-made web app

We are concerned with the quality of our services and deliverables, the performance delivered and our clients’ satisfaction. We have created a digital tool for our consultants and which was developed by our in-house project team. This Web application is a concrete demonstration of Collaborative Performance.

Goal Tracking

This tool is the glue between our clients, consultants, and internal co-workers. We are concerned with the quality of our services and deliverables, the performance delivered and our clients’ satisfaction. All these elements are systematically monitored and controlled via the Web application.

Follow-up and Coaching

We follow-up and coach our consultants based on common objectives. We define and track the short, mid and long-term needs and objectives. We encourage evolution for each of our coworkers. This includes each client mission, as well the personal career path and integration of our co-workers into the organization.

Digital Profile and Skills

The app is the center for competence management; a strong and easy-accessible network of consultants, skills and knowledge. This unique approach brings several versatile advantages, both for our clients and our organization.

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