A different perspective about security

Why Security?

In the new world of digits, building a trusted environment is mandatory to allow the business to be efficient with the proper level of protection.

It has become a challenge to define the physical perimeter of today’s IT systems. The fortified castle approach is behind us. It becomes a necessity to implement security at the process level and to build a secure working environment by design.


Fraudsters that are internal workers and cause the most impac


Middle managers that think about risks when making important decisions


Senior managers that do not understand the business risks inherent in their role


Non-managers that do not understand the business risks inherent in their role

Solutions and Capabilities

We provide security solutions to help people to do their job in a frictionless, compliant, secure and efficient way, with a seamless digital experience.

Mastering Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) subjects

Consulting Expertise. Our IGA experts provide assistance for business analyses, project management and solutions integrations. We are getting involved in the main Identity Governance and Administration areas such as process to manage Identity lifecycle, governance capabilities, audit and reporting capabilities, formal access request process, policies based, attribute based, role based, automatic provisioning and entitlements configuration.

Identity and Access Intelligence, Governance and Reporting

Data consolidation. We consolidate and enrich data information in a centralized decisional database.

Reporting and dashboarding. We can provide decision-making aid, highlight risks and provide capabilities to work on previous results, personalized dashboards according to end-user profile to easily involve the different actors and compliance reports to ensure that results can be processed and are used.

Risk Management. Our solutions aim to orchestrate review and remediation across the line of business, IT and auditors and unifying reviews across on-premise / cloud resources and applications. We mitigate security risks on a continuous way, strengthening controls at each iteration to address audit insufficiencies and provide a way to automate remediation with integration capabilities with ITSM tools.

Providing adaptive, secure and transparent authentications solutions from anywhere

Authentication mechanisms. We provide flexible authentication mechanisms with 1, 2, or more factors (contact/contactless card, one-time passwords, out-of-band schemes -SMS/e-mail-, biometrics, Self-service, etc.). We implement our solutions on workstations, light or mobile terminals, Web portals (accessed from within or outside the company) or virtualization infrastructures.

Traceability. We provide a unique point of traceability, audits, and statistics for all authentications, all access to applications, all authorizations and delegations. We are ready to support new professional practices: Kiosk, Roaming, Fast User Switching (FUS), terminals, new devices and cloud

Encryption. We provide solutions to secure external APIs integration through proper security token and API Keys management including extended features like IP filtering, fine-grained quotas, rate limits, shape and behaviors modification based on policies, latency and scale improvement with response caching.

Document Rights Management. We provide services to cipher, anonymize or pseudonymize data according to policies either at rest or in motion in a flexible way. We implement and manage Document Rights Management (DRM) at document level with fine-grained policies to enforce data confidentiality and integrity outside the company infrastructure.

Our approach

Workshop ideas

Audit Workshops and Analysis

Context assessment, audit and documentation of the current situation by reviewing the processes and solutions in place.

Meeting the sponsors, IT architects and IT security representative to define the big picture requirements

Identify stakeholder and review use cases relevant in the context.

Understand stakeholder expectations, needs and capacities.

Propose and Assess Solutions

Propose best-of-breed market products and give feedback about their success stories.

Perform a pros and cons analysis in regard on the customer context and detailed requirements. We want to ensure that the proposed processes and functionalities bring effective added-value to all the parties involved.

Building the Proof of Concept

We build a pilot on a few use cases to help customer evaluating proposed solutions. This includes a validation of the solution, technologies and key concepts.

Change Management

We can deliver experts to help customer succeed in their projects:

Experimented project managers with a strong experience in security.

Functional and technical experts to help in solution design.

Technical specialists to succeed with complex product integration.

Laurent Bouysset

Manager of Architecture and Security

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