Internet of Things

IOT helps collecting data, and the more data is available, the deeper and more relevant your analytics will be. This will enable you to transition from a reactive mode to a predictive mode of business operations.

Solutions and Capabilities

We believe in digital initiatives that fit the size, culture and constraints of your organization.

A Digital Factory consists of a set of closely inter-related axes. Our experts support your organization in implementing project methodologies, guidance in the use of software suites and tools and hands-on experience to bootstrap and industrialize your digital transformation.

We provide project methodologies, products expertise and field experiences to bootstrap and industrialize your Digital Transformation.

IoT Needs Analysis

With an in-depth, business-driven analysis of the current business processes and context, we draw a meta-data map and define the required indicators, sensors and data exploitation to achieve your objectives.

IoT & Data Optimization

Both data and processes are evolving, which require reviews and optimizations. We use audit and analytics tools to review existing implementation by controlling data and AI engines consistency and relevance. We design and implement optimizations to the model; and finally measure and report results.

IoT Architecture and Infrastructure Implementation

We define the most suitable architecture and infrastructure to support data collection and manipulation. We design and build all the necessary storage, security, scalability, analytics and computing services. “An IoT context consists of devices, cloud services and artificial intelligence to gain the knowledge and understanding of processes, customers, and products.``

Our approach

We provide a multidisciplinary, unified and orchestrated approach that can bring business benefits as well IT benefits.



Our solutions focus on IoT Framework, where objects talk the same language and services are shared for stronger added-value.


We build a scalable and robust infrastructure to collect data efficiently.


We implement smart algorithms to get the most comprehensive informations and predictive decisions.

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