GDPR Modular Approach

GDPR will come into force on May 25th, 2018. Big challenges for public and private organizations.


of the total worldwide annual turnover. Maximum penalty in case of non-compliance.


of organizations report that they don’t have a DPO or equivalent.


of companies say that there will be regulations that represent a challenge.

Why are we relevant?

Legal expertise

International law firm:

  • Compliance & strategy
  • GDPR governance
  • Compliance tools
  • Risk control
  • Integration & documentation

Technological expertise

Consulting & services firm:

  • Data governance
  • IT risk analysis
  • Solutions implementation
  • Data security
  • Business Process Management
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GDPR expertise

The Positive Thinking Company and GOVERN & LAW work in partnership,
to offer a modular approach according to clients needs.
It allows to combine synergies and savings of a legal and technical consistent approach.

How are we working?

Our approach strength lies in our adaptability to our clients needs.
If they already have their processing records, we can operate on the following steps, or cover the whole process.

GDPR Governance & Strategy

GDPR Awareness and global maturity assessment GDPR governance articulation around compliance program

Data & Processing Mapping

Data and processing information gathering & compliance and sensitivity assessment Creation of a data processing record

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis for data processing, rights and duties introduced by GDPR Creation of compliance plan of actions

Compliance & Toolbox Implementation

Adjustment of a legal, technological and strategic toolbox

Organisation & Documentation

Implementation of organisational process ; Ongoing support and counsel regarding regulatory aspects ; Compilation of a documentary database gathering compliance evidences

What makes our difference?

The synergy, neutrality and independance across the Positive Thinking Company and Govern&Law ensures solution integration and manages legal and compliance aspects.
To provide the most effective tools to our clients, while maintaining a flexible approach, we work with tech partners :

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