Bringing enterprise content management (ecm) & business process management (bpm) methodologies and technologies to companies.

Solutions and Capabilities

Improve user experience, collaboration and operational efficiency.

ECM and BPM technology, enables you to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents in synchronization with your organizational processes. ECM provides the tools and strategies to manage your organization’s unstructured information, offline and online.

Requirements Analysis

Audit of information silos: Determining what are the document types, their metadata, how documents are shared, which tools are used, what are the business processes, how long should the records be kept, etc.

Audit of existing business processes: Definition of the main goals of the digitalization, process automation. Description of the processes: what are the different steps, activities, the actors, and their roles, assignment of user tasks and integration of the processes into the systems.

Application Design

  • Design of workflows and forms
  • Design of product extensions and customizations
  • Integration with third-party systems.

Installation and Support

  • Setup and definition of ECM and BPM platform architectures
  • Installation and deployment of platforms
  • Offer level 2 support for ECM and BPM platforms

Coaching and Training

On-scale training sessions and accompaniment during the ramp-up period. We help our clients to manage an ECM or BPM platform, how to define an information governance policy and how to design processes for improved efficiency.

Our approach

Workshop ideas

Client Workshops and Analysis

Meet sponsors and interview key stakeholders to get the big picture of the client requirements

Workshops by department with management and/or key stakeholders

Document audits: Inventory of information holdings, mapping of document flows

Analysis and review of sample records

Propose and Assess Solutions

Propose best-of-breed market products and give feedback about their success stories, their pros and cons, how to integrate them with the existing solutions in the client information system, how to offer the greatest value to the users.

Evaluate solutions in regards of the customer context and detailed requirements.

Building the Proof of Concept

Build and demonstration of a pilot project for some of the use cases. This agile approach enables to enable a higher customer value early in the development.

Change Management

Awareness campaigning, communication, involvement, implication and training.


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  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.


More Insights

We help you throughout the content lifecycle.

Capture documents

  • Scan and capture (OCR, ICR)
  • Document import: E-mails, documents created manually by users or automatically by applications
  • Processing and classification
  • Dematerialisation

Manage documents

  • Collaboration
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Industrialization, automatisation and optimisation of business processes
  • Workflow definition

Store documents

  • Digital asset management, content management and database management
  • Metadata management and document versioning
  • Library services and cloud hosting

Secure documents

  • Records management
  • Digital rights management
  • Compliance and definition of retention policies

Deliver and retrieve documents

  • File sharing and publishing
  • Live documents, versioning, check-in, check-out and collaboration tools
  • Distribution via print, Web and other e-channels