Big Data and Other Data

Exploit existing data in a better way.

Solutions and Capabilities

In today’s business landscape, it has become a necessity to exploit existing data in a better way.

With today’s technology, it’s possible to analyze your data and get answers from it almost immediately – an effort that’s slower and less efficient when using traditional business intelligence solutions.

Big Data can go further than Business Intelligence, enabling a predictive and semantic analysis with machine learning. Big Data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights.

Audit and Transformation

Investigation of your current situation with an exploration of the possible strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of using and integrating Big Data in your organization’s strategy and operations. Based on our experience, we can develop solutions adapted to each company according to its size, its sector of activity and its specific challenges.

Predictive Analysis

Most organizations have or want Big Data. And many understand the need to harness that data and extract value from it. But how? Big Data analytics helps organizations harness their data and use it to reveal insights and opportunities in the business and operational environment. Aggregate and run machine learning algorithms on massive data to do predictive analytics. Successful discover new opportunities, understand consumer behavior, monitor global or local trends and create real-time personalization to buyers.

Big Data Marketing

Big Data is about the challenges, capabilities and competencies associated with storing and analyzing huge data sets to support a level of decision-making that is more accurate and timely.

Big Data for Information Security

Monitor and collect security events, detect fraud, intrusions and correlations between alerts and provide an up-to-date status and dashboard integrated with your organization’s information systems.

Predictive Maintenance

Identify opportunities and assess risks from your data early on to guide your decision-making. Reach an optimal use of resources and increase performance.

Project Support

We can help in any phase of your project, whether you are just starting out or whether your projects have advanced and needs additional support: analysis, prototyping, baseline design, deployment, maintenance and change management.

Coaching and Training

We master a wide range of different Big Data tools and technologies, for which we can provide on-site trainings and workshops, ranging from general introduction sessions to specific, in-depth training on certain solution components.


Back-end / Data storage
Analytics and Visualization

Our approach

We use a scientific approach whereby we combine the passion of our technical ambassadors and experts in collaboration with our research partners.

Our partners help us to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Together with our partner network ADNEOM provides leveraged strategies and services for embracing different needs, markets and programs.

A collaborative expertise hub containing intermediate and advanced skills. We achieve better quality through knowledge sharing and coaching. Our international competence center is a dynamic ecosystem of more than a hundred high-potential consultants with cross-functional skills.

Opportunity and feasibility study

Opportunity and feasibility study

Opportunity analysis and study of feasibility and needs. This phase includes an exploration of the possible projects and team composition. We define objectives and measure performance and business value through KPIs.


Technical and functional setup including planning of the deployment and the organization of the project team. We formalize an (agile) methodology in line with the KPIs. Next to that we put in place the appropriate, flexible and scalable infrastructure.


We create a first proof of concept for a maximum return on investment. This is an agile approach with a progressive deployment of the use cases. This includes monitoring of ROI and management of change.


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Questions? Let us know

Questions? Let us know

Fréderic Goujon

Technological Officer

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