MED-RH 2017: when well-being enhances performance

On the 3rd and 4th November 2017, you might had the chance to assist to the MED-RH conference. This event is the occasion to gather together a large number of decision-makers including ministers, speakers and leaders in the Human Resources sector at the Mediterranean level.

If you missed it, here is the occasion to have a quick review of these two days: Violette Thouzeau, our HR Manager and one of the speakers, looks back on the conference.


How did you end up participating to this event?

At the very beginning, I was invited to assist to this seminar by the business manager of Global Knowledge, a training organization where the President of MEDRH, Maha CHEHATA, works. Then, Maha had a look at my professional experiences and invited me to speak and to give a testimony of what we do at the Positive Thinking Company about our employees’ well-being.




What was the main topic of this edition? Why is this a key subject?

The topic of this edition was the link between well-being and performance (both individual and collective). Various actors like companies from different sectors, CEOs, HR Managers, researchers and entrepreneurs presented their testimonials, their ideas and ways of leading their companies. They all focused on human beings rather than business and the benefits they got by working this way. For example, a researcher named Jacques Forest made a great speech about our motivation factors (sense, pleasure, ego and benefits). He explained that nowadays, more and more employees would rather have more free time and a better balance between private and working life rather than pure money.



What has been implemented about it in the Positive Thinking Company?

I gave a testimony about our economic sector and its difficulties, which led us to create new ways to retain our employees. As it has been told in a speech before mine, « if you retain people with money, they will leave for money ». So, we decided to involve our coworkers in the Positive Thinking Company’s life by creating the collaborative performance: each one has a role to play, may bring new ideas, train his/her colleagues, create a soccer team or anything else. With this collaborative spirit, our coworkers feel they are valued and followed by the company, and so really belong to it. The sense of belonging and usefulness leads to well-being, which leads to commitment and finally to performance. To go further, we included this philosophy in our evolution system: we regularly discuss with our coworkers about their objectives, regarding their missions and their careers, but also regarding ADNEOM’s life.

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