ExtaSea, a dream experience by Martin Callebaut

(c) Christophe Breschi

Two years ago, Martin Callebaut devoted himself to a huge project: to cross the Atlantic alone on a 6.50m sailing ship. He worked hard, trained a lot and founded people to support his dream, including The Positive Thinking Company.


Perseverance, a passion’s powerful partner

Martin Callebaut, 38 years old, lives in Brussels. Until 2016, Martin was working in Marketing and Finance, but felt the need to sail on the sea. It is why he finally decided to undertake the project he had always dreamt of: to participate to the Mini-Transat. They are 80 solitary sailors to navigate on 6m50 ships, connecting La Rochelle to the Martinique.

A small voice has been talking to me in my head for more than twenty years. It was the voice of my passion. One day I decided to listen to it and to dedicate my time to my passion: sailing”.

Martin had a strong will to go beyond his limits, both physically and mentally, by undertaking this project. As he often repeats it, “the key point is to have a foolproof will, no matter how many obstacles and difficulties you have on your way”.



Knowledge and mindset remain the solution

His previous career brought him lots of very important skills he took advantage of on this project:organization, negotiation, communication, strategy… These skills helped him to find sponsors and to convince them to invest in his project. He was also able to manage his time around his trips, his trainings and the communication about his project to gather a real community.

Indeed, the Mini-Transat is not a race you just decide to participate to on a whim. “Before achieving this project, I needed one year and a half of preparation. I participated to qualifying races, but I also trained a lot”.


Working together turns out the performance

The race is in two steps: a first cruise from La Rochelle to Canary Islands that took twelve days and a second one from the Canary Islands to Martinique that took eighteen days.

Over these thirty days, Martin encountered all the difficulties that exist on a ship: every day something breaks, a sail tears apart, the boat can collapse or the wind falls… “Every little thing may imply the end of the project. A solution exists for every issue, you just need to be creative and to manage your time well”.

But even if Martin is alone on his boat, he is supported by a big team and his relatives, who give him positive vibes. Some experiences also help him to hold on: the dolphins swimming around his boat, the speed of the boat when the wind is good or the sunset over the Atlantic. “The best feeling remains the arrival at the harbor, when you meet all your team and the people who have supported you all along”.

Today, Martin Callebaut is officially the fifteenth Belgium to have participated to the Mini-Transat and to have crossed the Atlantic alone.


ExtaSea | #PositiveThinkers from Positive Thinking Company on Vimeo.

Video production: World of Digits


Did this story inspire you? Do you want to learn more about it?

Martin organizes a diner on Saturday, February 24, 2018 to celebrate his success and to let you discover the after-movie of his project. Please, feel free to register!


Pictures (c) Christophe Breschi

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