How a dog became the Happiness Officer

In November 2017, a small puppy named Quazou rushed into Brussels’office. Besides being trained by Eleonore to become a guide dog, Quazou is now part of the team.


The will to get involved in a social adventure

A beautiful project always starts with motivation and the desire to create something, to help someone. The challenge in this project is to allow a visually impaired person to return to social life and mobility thanks to a guide dog. How to do it? By becoming a host family for a puppy, and this for a year.

That is why Eleonore and her companion Arthur decided to involve themselves in the Fondation I See. They accepted to keep Quazou for one year and to train it to become a completely autonomous dog for blind people.


What, a dog in the company?

Eleonore is HR at World of Digits, the digital brand of the Positive Thinking Company. To carry out her project, she had to convince the management and the other companies of the building to accept a dog in the offices. “That’s when the adventure really started! On October 30, 2017, I was eating with Arthur when Quazou arrived at our place. At that time, it was still a tiny ball of hair! “.

After some advice from the trainer, the puppy discovered its new apartment. The next day, Eleonore took it to the office: the role of the host family is to socialize the dog and to get it used to various environments, including the work areas. To get the pet used to the workplace and the coworkers was a real necessity in the choice of the hosting couple. Quazou was impressed for a few minutes but quickly became the mascot of the office.


The endorsement of a joyful project

Three months have passed since its arrival. Quazou tripled in size, makes bigger mistakes but also represents every day a full source of positive energy for the coworkers, as Cédric, legal manager, can attest.

The interaction with Quazou and the love it delivers help me staying positive during my working day. Whenever I go out for a break, I bring it with me for a walk. It makes me more energized when I return to my desk and increases my productivity. I might have been a bit skeptical when I heard that a dog was coming in our office but now I’m totally convinced!


A dog, the friendly key to well-being

Today, Quazou knows everyone, walks around, steals cookies from time to time, plays with some coworkers. “Sometimes, when Quazou sleeps near to my desk, my colleagues come to see it. For them it’s a relaxing time. It fulfills a need for affection. I had read different articles about having animals in the offices, and all pointed out the creation of friendly ties between employees.”

This is exactly what we can see, when several times a day, Eleonore or other coworkers walk the dog. Each time represents an opportunity to discuss with people met, from the office or even from the other companies. They see Quazou grow and evolve, which is always a great topic for discussion.


  • Corbin
    Posted at 11:30h, 23 February Reply

    Wonderful idea and so helpful to blind people. We should all think about doing the same indeed !!!
    Congratulations !!!

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