Women’s International Day: Those inspiring women who are changing the industry…

The 8th of March is a special day for all Positive Thinkers around the world, especially for women. It was the perfect occasion for our company to celebrate the social, professional and intellectual achievements of some of our talented co-workers.


More than a date in the agenda, a concrete involvement

The International Women’s day has now become an official celebration that is meant to honour the achievements of women, past and present, as well as to remind the continuous fight for gender equality.

Let us introduce you two successful women who are very different in their personalities yet very close in their inspiration. They both have distinct responsibilities, backgrounds and strengths but play major roles at the Positive Thinking Company.


Success has no gender, it takes persistence, determination, passion and hard work

Mariana Levinta is one perfect example, she has joined the team recently as a lean management consultant. She is a passionate independent woman, with a special passion for board games (more specifically Go games) and with strong linguistic skills. Thanks to her international background, she speaks 6 languages (Russian, Romanian, English, Japanese, French and German).

After graduating from 2 different masters (Nanoscale Engineering and Industrial Engineering – Production Engineering) Mariana worked in the nanotechnology industry and even started her own company. She then decided to join the Positive Thinking Company to follow her real passion: Improvement of processes.

What she sees as her biggest achievement up to day is having had the courage to eventually challenge herself to find what she really wanted to do. This has not always been easy, being a woman in a technical environment can be challenging. But persistence, hard-work and confidence helped her all along the process.


A positive mindset always gets where it wants

Another strong and relevant example is Anissa Lalaoui. She started at the Positive Thinking Company directly after she graduated from her bachelor in communication and management. Back then, the company was much smaller and only had over 100 consultants. Five and a half year later, Anissa is still working for the Positive Thinking Company, she has worked herself up to Business Unit Manager and is responsible for more than 100 consultants.

Anissa is very proud of the client portfolio she built up from scratch throughout the years. She overcame many challenges as men usually get more credibility than women in the ICT industry. However, Anissa

proved that things are changing and that a positive mindset always gets where it wants: persistence, long-term vision and positivity have been her best allies!

Furthermore, Anissa is a pro at multi-tasking: she is successfully combining an inspiring career, a fulfilling social life and… Pregnancy! Nothing seems to stop her.

She gets her motivation and enthusiasm out of placing the right person on the right job and helping both the client and the consultant to evolve.


We are neither men nor women but Positive Thinkers

These two women agree on saying that, in order to succeed, one must stay humble, not take things too seriously and most of all keep a positive attitude whatever the situation. At the end of the day, the thing we should all remember at the occasion of the International Women’s Day is that we are neither men nor women but Positive Thinkers.



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