The Positive Thinking Company has undertaken concrete commitments to improve access to quality education, the 4th Sustainable goal of the United Nations “ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.

More than 3000 people have benefited from our actions over the world, throughout 14 projects.

Among these international projects, the SECAM orphanage in Congo contributed in providing primary education to 41 children last year. Moreover, the AKAMASOA IT School in Madagascar recently celebrated the first graduation of 24 students. By supporting Humanity & Inclusion in Nepal, the Positive Thinking Company has helped more than 2000 children from 40 different schools. In Uganda, WAPA International made the opening of a pre-school possible in 2019. In India, the DARE project has given access to education to 32 refugee children in Varanasi train station, taking care of tuition fees and school supplies. A psychosocial mediation center, involved in youth inclusion, also opened thanks to Beith Esther – Maisons chaleureuses in Israel. Not forgetting the 30 kg of school supplies collected by Serial partner companies in Switzerland, intended to support the Kaku School in Nepal.

In Europe, and more specifically in France, the adjusted salary was implemented in 2017 in order to make micro-donations to Ecole à l’hôpital. In Belgium, the Be Face initiative has facilitated the social and professional integration of vulnerable groups: mentors from ADNEOM have made themselves available to help students looking for a job. Code City, a second Belgian initiative, also deserves to be highlighted for having helped children from disadvantaged backgrounds or with disabilities to attend sports sessions with 12 AC Partners employees.

Quality education for all is the cornerstone of Sustainable Development.

Thus, providing equal access to quality education as well as remedying gender and income inequalities is essential to allow everyone to access higher education.

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