Women’s day at The Positive Thinking Company | Nadine Heigert

 “The biggest challenge here consists in taking all needs into account, review and adapt our working methods on a daily basis in order to constantly improve. “

Could you introduce yourself in a few words? Could you tell us about your professional and/or educational background?  

My name is Nadine: I studied industrial psychology and sociology at the University and started working for Mayato on the 1st of April 2017 as Head of Talent Management. We joined PTC end of 2017 and since then I have been responsible for bringing both Mayato and PTC cultures together.  

I am 42 years old and live with my husband Ben, my daughters Emilie and Marie and our dog Phisto in Bensheim near Frankfurt. Over the past 20 years, I have been able to gather a great deal of experience in a variety of industries and areas. The focus in recent years has been on the HR sector. Among other things, I was a consultant, branch manager and managing director at various personnel consultancies and senior HR manager at a digital media agency. Before joining Mayato, I have been working as a freelancer for a global construction equipment manufacturer, where I was responsible for the international talent management of executives.  

During my spare time, I enjoy sports activities such as running, having fun with my two girls (riding a bike or skiing are my favorite). I am also a big fan of Thailand and therefore I like to cook with chili and coriander. 

How did you become interested in the digital sector?  

discovered the IT sector during my time as HR Manager of a digital media agency. The agency was set up like our brand WOD. I was particularly impressed by the speed, the development and the working methods in an Agile environment.  

Could you tell us about a project you are currently working on? What is the most challenging aspect of that project for you at the moment 

Since I joined Mayato and the Positive Thinking Company ecosystem, we have been promoting the different strengths of the individual brands and the ecosystem in HR. In Germany, we currently focus on the further growth and expansion of PTC. We have managed to double our consultants within 2 years and now want to continue this success story. The biggest challenge here consists in taking all needs into accountreview and adapt our working methods on a daily basis in order to constantly improve.  

Which word would you use to define your vision for 2020?  

Collaboration! My goal is to improve collaboration between HR, Sales and our domain leaders to continue writing the success story together in Germany.  

What advice would you give to any women interested in a career in IT?  

I would advise them to be confident and formulate clearly their objectives! 

Nadine Heigert interviewed by Marie Cochet

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