My Positive Day #29 by Tanguy

Tanguy Dossin is our flexible Project Facilitator at Intico.

He is one of the consultants we have been working with for the longest time (years now). It makes him one of our most trustworthy and valuable coworkers in Brussels.

“Three weeks ago, I was assigned as to a new project as Project Coordinator. The Program Manager called me to say: ‘I have no time to coordinate this project. Ccould you help me please? I have no time to follow this up’. I answered: ‘Sure !’

We had a couple of meetings to set up the project guidelines, scope & timings. He had no idea how to bring innovative ideas to the project and whether the deadlines should be met.

During a 1-hour meeting, we discussed issues and solutions and after the meeting he told me: “Thanks a lot for your help, this is so good to have you in the team’. There is no such reward than a ‘thank you’ to tell you how you are useful and helpful to achieve common goals.

That’s why I am a consultant, not being an external at client’s side but helping my company with my experience realising their objectives.”

Tanguy Dossin
Project Facilitator at Intico

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