My Positive Day #26 by Sylvain

Sylvain Vezolles is our out-of-the-box thinker Business Manager at Intico.

A bit crazy (but in a good way), he always looks on the bright side of life. He is also a talented improvisation show comedian, which can be useful in business sometimes!

Learn more about Sylvain in our latest Positive Day : 

It’ ain’t over ’til it’s over” (Rocky Balboa).

It may sound funny, but this quote from one of the greatest movie saga ever about the struggles of life has been written on my desk for more than 9 months. The path of a Business Manager who starts this incredible challenge just after graduation is never easy: I learnt that the only key for walking it freely is persistence. When you give all your energy and do not reach your objectives, you may feel discouraged but it’s a thought you should never focus on.

Time is the best friend of those who do not give up. I guess one of my clients in semiconductors industry can tell you about that. I met him in late December 2017 and his first sentence to me just after saying hello was “I guess you know everything about semiconductors and microchips already”. SPOILER ALERT: I did not. He understood very fast I was far from being an expert in this field. But he also understood how committed and curious I can be. The meeting went well and we agreeded to take contact again in the next weeks. In the end, it didn’t take weeks, but 8 months to sign the contract… But now I am really happy to say that some of the most exciting missions for my consultants took place with this client!

Persistence is the key for me. You never keep walking a long and tough path if there isn’t any meaning to do it, right? For me, the meaning has always been the joy I share with my team, my consultants, and my clients. To support each other and to achieve projects together, even if it takes time: it is the only goal I have.

So if you ever see one of your friends or colleagues struggling like I have been, just tell him/her to watch the entier Rocky saga! The meaning of life is written in it.

Sylvain Vezolles
Business Manager at Intico.

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