My Positive Day #16 by Rémy

Rémy Poisson is a passionate Business Manager at ADNEOM. Apart from being an accomplished businessman, Rémy has a true passion for Japan, the culture as well as the country. You’ll discover why in his Positive Day:

“In January 2016 I moved to Japan. The idea was to live in Tokyo during 7 months in order to work at the Imperial Hotel as a concierge and study environmental sciences at University.

When it comes to travelling, it’s weird but I dislike being too organised: I thus left Paris without having found a proper accommodation in Tokyo; I had booked a few nights in a capsule hotel thinking I would quickly find a decent flat sharing.

This situation lasted 3 weeks and, at one point, I decided it was enough and that I needed to take actions !

The following day, as I was standing in the lobby of the Imperial Hotel, a manager, Sir Tashiro, came next and asked: “Rémy, I heard you are living in a capsule hotel, is that correct?”- “Yes it is, Sir.”- “It’s not ideal living in a 2 cubic-meter-space, right?”- “No, it isn’t, Sir.”- “Rémy, I observed you during the past weeks, you seem to be a pleasant and appealing young man.”- “Thank you, Sir.”- “For your info, the 3rd floor of my house is not inhabited. It is independent from the rest of the house. If you’d like, you are welcome to move there for the 6 remaining months that you will spend in Japan.”

The following week I presented myself at the 3rd floor of Tashiro’s house in Nakano-ku. I was welcomed by his wife, his daughter and himself with a cup of green tea put on the coffee table. This room was totally functional with a kitchen, a bathroom,… For a total of 30 sqm: Heaven on earth !

After some nice conversations and acknowledgements, came the financial question regarding the rental costs…. The answer was stunning: 10.000¥/month (80€/month) !

Sir Tashiro explained to me that when he was living abroad, everyone helped him and that the wheel of fortune turns.

I spend the most amazing 6 months, living like a member of their family. I sincerely thank them for their hospitality at the end of my stay.

Last April, Sir Tashiro came to France and we ran the Paris Marathon together.”

The story of Rémy reminds us that a Positive Thinking Mindset knows no frontier and can impact even the slightest part of your day- to- day life !

Rémy Poisson
Business Manager at ADNEOM

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