My Positive Day #24 by Marine

Marine Quinquenel is our positive  recruiter at BGFi.

She is a real positive thinker and always looks on the bright side in life. Discover how she applies this in her daily life.

“There’s a special sentence that has always followed me at each step of my professional and personal life: If something negative happens to you, begin to think about the positive experience that can come out of it.

This became even more real when I decided to move to Dublin without any money, housing or work. In the end, and thanks to this positive motto, I achieved all my goals after only one week and I stayed there for a year and a half.

Similarly, when I was looking for a job last summer, I was confronted to some tough refusals which affected me deeply. However, thanks to these refusals, I came across BGFi which was the best thing that could happen to me.

I really believe that a positive attitude brings strength, energy, motivation and initiative: It allows to put things into perspective and continually evolve !”

Marine Quinquenel
Recruiter at BGFi

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