My Positive Day #18 by Marie

Marie Cochet is our dedicated Marketing and Event Manager at ADNEOM. She is also a modern-day Brigitte Bardot. Why? Discover it here:

“If there’s one thing to know about me it’s that I’m a huge animal lover and defender. Since my early childhood I’ve been fighting for the rights of all kind of living creatures: birds, dogs, cats, cows,…, mosquitoes, spiders (Yes: All kind!)!

My family started calling me Brigitte Bardot at the age of 6 years old as my passion and dedication to the animal condition grew bigger.

I’ve started working for the Positive Thinking Company in early March as Event and Marketing Manager and immediately loved the atmosphere. The coworkers are great, the job super exciting AND, cherry on the cake for me, there’s a dog in the office: Quazou, our Happiness Officer who will soon become a guide dog for blind people! What more could I ask for?

This small introduction will help you understand what comes next.

On the 29th of November I was responsible of the organisation of the last ADN’ERO of the year (= the official and renowned ADNEOM’s afterworks) along with my dream team, Cécile and Jules.

On the D-Day, everything was settled, the guest list was closed, the bar was booked,… As usual, Cécile, Jules and I left the office a bit earlier to go to the bar to fix the last details before the arrival of the guests.

BUT, when arriving on site, something unexpected happened: We were about to enter the bar when I heard a cat screaming, awful screams of despairs,… This was unbearable for me: Where was that cat? Why was he screaming? What could we do to help him?

We finally found him, stuck in the basement of an abandoned building next to the venue of our ADN’ERO. He was obviously frightened and starving… With the help of Jules, we managed to get him out of the basement. He was very weak: It was impossible for me to just let him on the street and continue with the party…

After a quick but very effective discussion with Cécile and Jules with all indications on how to welcome the first guests, we decided that they will stay on site while I’d drive quickly to the vet to bring the poor cat.

10 minutes later, I was at the vet: He checked the vitals, gave the cat food and water but told me he could not keep him for the night…! Tricky situation for me… I called Cécile and Jules to check the situation on their side and to know if they could handle it for 20 extra minutes while I would drive to the nearest animal shelter. They confirmed that everything was under control!

After letting the cat to the shelter, I ran back to the ADN’ERO, Cécile and Jules had done a great work with the guests and the cat was safe!

On the weekend that followed this ADN’ERO, the shelter contacted me to tell that the cat had found his family back: They had been looking for their missing cat for almost a month!

I’m proud to say that thanks to our very efficient team spirit and the power of collaborative performance, Cécile, Jules and I did something big that night: Help an animal in distress and still be able to manage an unforgettable event!”

Marie Cochet
Marketing and Event Manager at ADNEOM

Do you want more stories like this? Read Bandjou’s Positive Day, Business/ Process Analyst at ADNEOM. You got a personal story to share? Tell us about it My Positive Day form!

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