My Positive Day #33 by Magdalena

Meet Magdalena, our talented HR Recruiter at ADNEOM Lille. Her role consists in uncovering hidden talents to expand our team. As a recruiter, she knows how much first impression counts!

Through this new Positive Day, she relates her meeting with the Lille team.

“I had the chance to join the ADNEOM Lille team in 2019, being a young graduate. At first, I was quite nervous as I was stepping into the unknown for this first work experience. I met the team twice during the onboarding process.

I lived in Canada, so I took the opportunity of a stopover in France, in March 2019, to come back to the beautiful city of Lille and meet the ADNEOM team. For this first encounter, we ate a typical dish of the region, called Welsh. I immediately understood I was about to join a team of “bons vivants”, enjoying life at its fullest!

Then, I integrated the company in June 2019 and started working with a team exclusively comprised of men. I received a great welcome from each of my team-mates on that first day: everyone helped a lot with my onboarding. I found a sympathetic ear with Adrien, who has also become a great companion at restaurants since then. I was glad to meet Joé, alias Jojo la Frite, who is always ready for a laugh and to cheer people up, as well as Pierre-Antoine with his optimism and constant good mood!

What did I learn from these first days at ADNEOM? Getting along well together is key to success! I have noticed that this positive and collaborative mindset is also omnipresent within the Positive Thinking Company ecosystem.”

Magdalena Loyer

HR Recruiter at Adneom

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