My Positive Day #36 by Lucas

Meet Lucas, our passionate Web Developer at ADNEOM Luxembourg.

Through this new Positive Day, he relates his journey before joining the ecosystem!

“ I am Lucas, a web developer consultant at Adneom Luxembourg.

What makes me happy every morning is telling myself that I have finally found my ideal job.

I have always loved computing in a general sense, but I knew there was a mountain of works in this orientation and there are still new ones being created today.

At that time, not even 6 months ago! I lived in Marche-en-Famenne in the province of Luxembourg in Belgium, for those who do not know I would say “Google it”.  The closest school to my home  had no computing department, so I ended up in the secretarial department which I hated when I had my first internships.

However, I continued my studies in this branch: I was in the professional section of my school, meaning that I had to do a 7th to be graduated with the CESS (which corresponds to the Baccalaureate in France).

The 7th was a separate option, I choose “Management of Very Small Business” where I could be independent at the end of the studies. I also had internships that I did in the sales department which I had rather appreciated.

So, at the end of my studies, I worked 2 years in the sale of hi-tech products, but I did not have the motivation or the desire to work in it until the end of my career.

At this moment, one of my acquaintances told me about a training centre more or less 30 minutes from my home, which was offering training in the IT field. I immediately went there to get more information. This training took place every day over a period of about 6 months.

I signed up saying that it would be good to be advised. There was a short 30-day training to learn C # algorithm in which I participated. In parallel, we were enrolled in a small distance training on HTML / CSS.

At the end of this training, you had the choice between a Web Developer or .NET Developer training. I preferred the Web Developer. Unfortunately, this training was only given 3 months later, without being sure of being accepted. We were 24 students, only 12 would be selected. Knowing that I started a self-training because it is quite easy to find courses on the internet in this area.

A few days before the start of the training, I was informed I could participate in this training! It was very quick and was a thousand times better than the traditional classrooms. The trainers were very professional and up to date on their subjects. At the end of this training, I was offered to work with them to completely redo their site. I accepted because I was going to be alone for the creation of this site. This mission lasted a year and a half and it has been, until now, my best experience.

I left the sales job because I hate monotonous work. We only have one life, and we have to enjoy it! Web development is so vast that it is impossible to get bored. But I still had a stone on my way, staying in the same company with the same habits. Sarah Atmani (HR Recruiter at Adneom Luxembourg), contacted me on LinkedIn to find out if I was looking for new opportunities. Being of a curious nature, I obviously wanted to know more. She told me about Adneom and how it works.

I directly said to myself that this is the business I needed! Since January 17, 2020, I have been part of this wonderful family. My goal now is to become a full-stack developer. My conception of the full-stack developer is to be able to manage a project from A to Z: from the beginning of the project until deployment in production.

I wish everyone to be able to find a dream job because it gives me a real desire to get up every morning.

Lucas Hubert
Consultant at Adneom

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