My Positive Day #27 by Louis

Louis Lafont is one successful Business Manager at BGFi.

Before joining the Positive Thinking Company, Louis made an international exchange in Kazakhstan: An unexpected destination he highly enjoyed!

Discover Louis’ adventure in our latest Positive Day: 

“I am curious and always ready to take up new sports and professional challenges.

When I was a student at IESEG School, I had the opportunity to choose a destination among the following options: Casablanca, New Delhi, and Kazakhstan.

Eager to discover new cultures, I picked out Kazakhstan, to the great surprise of everyone! It was an amazing experience, full of adventures and very specific to the region. Indeed, Central Asian countries are between Nomadic, Muslim and post-Soviet influences.

At my arrival, I had to learn Russian very quickly because people don’t speak English in this region. I steeped myself in the local culture as I was able to speak the language and practice Sambo (a Soviet martial art and combat sport I still practice today). This same thirst for challenges and discoveries drove me to join BGFi and the world of data, which was totally unknown to me.

As I was considering a VIE in Financial Analysis, I was contacted by the Positive Thinking Company. I was immediately thrilled by the Positive Mindset! Working on an analytical professional project, I valued interpersonal skills and took up new challenges as a Business Manager. ”

Louis Lafont
Business Manager at BGFi.

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