My Positive Day #28 by Kouroufia

Kouroufia Sy Savane is our smiling Digital Product Owner Consultant at World of Digits.

He has been working and living in Luxembourg for a year now and he’d like to share his adventure with us through this new Positive Day:

“Described by my friend as an open-minded chill-hyperactive person addicted to TV-shows, I always liked to travel in order to discover new countries, new cultures and mostly new people.

I was born and raised in Paris and I studied general engineering in Brittany.

During my studies I had the opportunity to do an ‘internship’ in California, Los Angeles, during a few months. The truth about this internship was that I worked only a couple of weeks and then was in vacations the remaining time. As an american series addict, I was living the dream in Cali, chilling all day long, and meeting amazing people. That’s when I realised that I thrived on the challenge of living abroad: New country, new issues/challenges, new life.

I came back to France to finish my studies and had a first professional experience but after that I immediately wanted to go somewhere else and live a new foreign experience.
I was preparing to go to South Korea when my phone rang with a job offer from World of Digits in Luxembourg.

What a dilemma: To chill in Asia or work in an European capital? What would you have chosen if you were me?

After a few time of reflection, I thought: “Kourou, life is not only about chilling. Moreover, even if Luxembourg is not far away, you don’t know the country so it’s still kind of a new challenge abroad”.

And here I am, it’s been a year now, so after 9 months of cold, 1000+ episodes of several series binge- watched, many weekends back to Paris or visiting nearby cities such as Rotterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt etc..  I can confirm that Luxembourg was a great choice!

The location is perfect, at the centre of the EU. Here you really have time for yourself and your projects, to define what you really want and how to achieve your personal goals.

At least for me it was the case.”

Kouroufia Sy Savane
Product Owner Consultant at World of Digits

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