My Positive Day #32 by Guillaume

Guillaume has been part of the Positive Thinking Company ecosystem for a long time: first Business Manager at World of Digits – the entity specialised in Digital Transformation -, he then decided to join SteepConsult to evolve in Strategic Governance.

He’s a radiant and positive personality and clearly embodies the values of the company.

“In both entities, you can find the same culture, attitudes, smiles and positive energy – which makes sense since you are part of the Positive Thinking Company ecosystem 😊

I would like to tell a story that put in perspective this company’s culture focused on team-building and a positive mindset. In January, we went to Paris to celebrate the Annual Party.

When the occasion arise during cross-country reunions, the company encourages Positive Thinkers from different countries to get to know each other, to strengthen collaboration. In this perspective, I shared my hotel room with a co-worker from Luxembourg.

After arriving in my hotel room, I wanted to take a shower to get ready for dinner.

While taking my shower, someone knocked at the door: it was my roommate who forgot his keys.

So, I just put a towel and opened him. It was the first time I met this colleague.. It was indeed not a proper, but a quite funny and relaxed way to meet!

We just laughed about the situation and after that, I finished dressing and we left together to the party! This tiny example symbolizes the open-mindedness of the people and the positive vibes in this company.”

Guillaume Piens
Business Manager at Steepconsult

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