My Positive Day #19 by Gautier

As a kid, I used to constantly flit from one interest to the next: One month I could tell you all there is to know about space, solar system and ISS and then all about cars, engines and Formula 1.

As soon as I thought I knew enough about it, I moved on to the next thing and became obsessed with it until I learned (almost) everything there is to know.

Looking back I can understand why I’m relishing myself now as a consultant. Moving from one mission to the next keep my motivation high as new challenges come along. There was though one thing I was uncomfortable with and which became the biggest challenge I had to face up until now: My communication skills…

As a kid I was totally petrified when I had to speak in front of a room full of people. I was lacking confidence and even if it got a bit better with time, I still hated it while I grew up. I thus felt I had to prove myself. That’s how I got into Communication and PR studies at IHECS. There, I had to get better at what I couldn’t manage to reach during years: A good communication.

During my first day, I remember that one of our teachers told us “If you didn’t manage to get at least 60% at your entrance test, then you should drop out. It’s not too late!”.

I only got 45% (luckily it was not eliminatory) but I was determined to prove myself that I was able to succeed no matter what!

These 5 years were by far the most exciting challenge I had to face but also my best experience! It’s also there that I discovered myself a taste for Project Management as we eventually had to deliver multimedia projects to real customers.

During my last year, my team and I had to present the result of a multimedia (web-video-photo) project that lasted 1 year in font of a professional jury and in front of the client herself. That’s when I really felt I had come a long way since my first day at IHECS.

Now I can say that not only did I improve my communication skills but it surely has become one of my biggest strengths in my day-to-day work. And even though I’m not working in the communication field, it has helped me throughout my multiple jobs and tasks and it is something I am very proud of today.

That’s one of the many reasons why I joined ADNEOM: The positive atmosphere makes it easier to challenge ourselves, take bold decisions, make mistakes, learn how to fix them and come out of the situation better than how we started.

Gautier Carlier
Project Leader at ADNEOM

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