My Positive Day #14 by Clarisse

Wondering how a Brazilian can enjoy life since six years in Brussels after having spent twelve in São Paulo?

I miss Brazil a lot. However, there is one thing you need to know about this country: in Brazil, it’s impossible to get from one place to another without any surprises happening on your way. To be clear, the same usual route can take a minute like an hour. This can be explained by the traffic jam, late public transports and some other unexpected events…

In February 2016, I led a few friends to the renowned Rio carnival. They had never been to Brazil before and I was very excited to show them Janeiro’s sights, which I knew since I was a kid. We landed in São Paulo. The plan was to rent a car to Rio and use it to drive back to the airport in São Paulo once the carnival over. What seemed like a simple plan turned out to be a crazy adventure…

After being at least five times under the radar (the best way to finance corruption!), we finally arrived in Rio de Janeiro. The city was already very crowded and most of the downtown streets were closed. If there’s another thing you should know about Rio carnival, it’s that you can’t go anywhere with your car. Obviously, the hotel parking was inaccessible, so we had to find another spot to park the rental-car. Luckily, we could park on a small street quite far away. All we had to do was to walk during one hour with our huge bags among the crowd, splashing ourselves with water and glitters all the way to the festival!

We spent five wonderful days with Argentines, Swiss…so many people from all walks of life and generations were dancing and kissing under the colors and glitter rains. Of course, it wasn’t without the traditional caipirinhas, samba dances and a blazing sun all along. We had also the chance to visit the incredible city of Rio and to watch the stunning sunset of Ipanema beach. Enough to lose the track of time. Magical!

But all the good things come to an end and we already had to go home! Once the streets emptied of all this craziness, it took us 20 minutes to go back to the place we left our car, ready to leave with all our great memories.

Until we realised the car disappeared.

Nothing more could happen to us than a new crazy episode. Despite many locations checks, the rental-car was nowhere to be found. This complicated situation led us to consider we will miss our flight.

It took us many negotiations with taxi-drivers, never-ending round trips between the police stations and the rental car agency to regain a bit of hope. We finally rented a new car without having a clue what happened to the previous one. As for our belongings that were inside, better to forget about it! We had then seven hours left on the road back to São Paulo to share everything we had been through so far.

In the end, we all agreed on one point, it couldn’t be a more Brazilian style experience!

The best moments are the ones we expect the least. Today this story reminds me to keep smiling anyway, while telling myself and to others “No fim tudo da certo!” *

*In the end, everything will be all right!

Clarisse Boulay
Junior Business Support at ADNEOM

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