My Positive Day #31 by Cédric

Cedric is a Project Manager at ADNEOM Luxembourg, who is quite athletic and is also passionate about  cooking and photography !

As well as his current role in ADNEOM Luxembourg, he leads the Agile Community, which he is pleased to explain through his journey.

“I’m Cédric, a French guy from Montpellier. I’m passionate about cooking and photography, and I love my job!

Three years ago, after I received a call from ADNEOM, I decided to come to Luxembourg to fulfil the opportunity that they had presented to me. I had never actually visited the country before, however, thought that it could be a good opening for the beginning of a new career. At the time, I was in the process of finishing up my second master’s degree in management and I had no idea about what was going to happen afterwards. I had never left France before, but it is something I had always wanted to experience.

Today, I’m a Project Manager, and I’m so happy about the decision I have made. This has allowed me to discover a new mind set and new ways of working through working with Luxembourgian people.

In terms of the Agile Community, two years ago, I proposed the idea to Adneom to organize a day on Lille’s Agile tour in order to share my enthusiasm about Agile “Methodology” with others. ADNEOM agreed that it would be a great experience for myself as well as the group of people attending the day. At the conclusion of the event, we had a long debrief, and decided to create the ADNEOM’s Agile Community together. This community allows for more and more people to  see  the advantages of Agility.

Since starting this up I have been given the honour to lead this community. As a collective, we organise workshops in order to share our vision of an ideal way to manage a project is . We are a group consisting of developers, project owners, business analysts and project managers… But everyone is welcome, whatever your profession, in order to discover the advantages in applying agility into your daily work.

Feel free to contact us, see what Agility can do for you!”

Cédric Emery,
Project Manager at ADNEOM

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