My Positive Day #30 by Bram

Bram Thienpont is a part of the administration team at AC Partners in Ghent.

He oversees the process of making sure the fleet is in order and actively participates in the CSR initiatives we organize. One of these CSR activities is “Code City” in Ghent!

“Are you the teacher with the robots, mister?”

Code City” is a project by the city of Ghent that introduces children who are in their final years of primary education to the vast world of coding. The kids have the ability to work on their logical thinking skills through having access to BlueBots in order to complete exercises in a Minecraft theme. 12 employees from AC Partners participated in this project.

Personally, it was a very fulfilling activity to participate in, because I love working with children.

Some of the classes included kids that come from underprivileged backgrounds, for example, they may be handicapped or have a migration background, ect. It felt wonderful to introduce them into the world of coding. When I was younger, I even contemplated becoming a teacher. With the possibility that through instilling a love of technology into these kids, I may have the opportunity to recruit some future colleagues is of course a nice bonus!

The fact that I was able to combine doing something I love with my job really made this a positive experience for me. I’m looking forward to participating in “Code City” again next year! The rush of adrenaline I received, when the tablets malfunctioned and forced us to come up with an alternative exercise on the spot gave me a good energy to continue the rest of the day.

The variety in activities and interesting opportunities that we have access to, is what I love about working at AC Partners. Its keeps me motivated, and the job exciting.”

Bram Thienpont,
Administration Officer at AC Partners

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