My Positive Day #23 by Aurélie

Aurélie Moury is an energetic recruiter at SteepConsult.

Tea expert, she is always keen on sharing her knowledge and discovering new people. Her main motivation? Passion. That’s a question she never misses!

Aurélie is also responsible for the CSR activities at SteepConsult.

“After spending more than a year recruiting new consultant at SteepConsult, I had the opportunity to spend some time developing the relation between Steep and Teach for Belgium, an association whose mission is to close the educational gap in Belgium. Education is to me something very important as it is the basis of our society.

I worked hand-in-hand with the managers at Teach for Belgium to understand their daily challenges and see how I could be helpful to them. After several meetings and discussions, I decided to support them on their recruitment processes.

Last month, I had the chance to work with them during a full day and support their recruitment strategy. I discovered a new method where we spend the full day with candidates, we get to know them through role-plays, motivation interviews and tests as well as during lunch and coffee breaks.

For me, being part of a company that takes the time to help other causes than just doing business is really rewarding and motivates me greatly.  Opening myself to other recruiting Technics and different sectors helps me  innovate by changing my way of interviewing and interacting with candidates.

I chose to work for SteepConsult because of their values: openness, collaboration and transparency. I’m glad to be able to apply these values in my everyday life.”

Aurélie Moury
Recruiter at SteepConsult

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