My Positive Day #20 by Angélique

From oversea departments to Tunisia, with stops in different cities around France, I caught the travel bug at a very young age and never wanted it to go away.

I’ve fed this passion for travelling through the years entering a business school with a strong international focus. Thanks to my studies, I had the opportunity to discover many new countries: Turkey, Lebanon, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Togo, … I was not ready to stop: I’ve had the chance to multiply the experiences, the discoveries and to open-up my mind to new people and cultures.

I therefore decided to go on and discover a close-by country: Belgium.

I remember exactly why I’ve chosen ADNEOM in the first place: the company culture and positive atmosphere, which were already very present during my first interviews, immediately seduced me. However, it did not stop me from being nervous when I had to enter the open-space for the very first time… Luckily, I immediately found nice and comforting people who guided me all along!

The weeks passed, and it was already time for my very first event as part of the company: the ADN’ERO (the famous ADNEOM afterworks). The excitement was very strong: to meet my new colleagues, discover the consultant, learn their profession, … !

When I arrived at the event location, I heard the laughter, saw the smiles and this made me even more positively curious about meeting these new people who would soon become part of my Belgium adventure.

I walked toward a table of consultants and started asking them all kind of questions about their expertise, technical background and mission at ADNEOM. I then returned to my colleagues. Step by step, I opened up to different groups/ discussions and discovered the wide range of personalities that constitutes my HR team and all the other teams in the open-space.

I was so happy to spend the evening surrounded by such great people that I even lost track of time and followed them to the Belga (a top bar in Brussels) where we all sang and danced till the end of the night!

And even if I woke up the morning after with a slight headache, I will never forget this evening. Why? Simply because it was at that moment that I really felt part of a team, of a company, of an ecosystem. It was not the afterwork itself which made me happy, but the new encounters. Those people became very quickly like a second family to me.

We spend a third of our life at work, it’s important to feel there just like at home, right? I don’t know about you, but for me it is. This is the reason why, after starting at ADNEOM one year and a half ago, I’m still here today as a Recruiter and looking forward to the rest of the adventure!


Angélique Cordet
Recruiter at ADNEOM

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