My Positive Day #34 by Andrew

Meet Andrew, our globetrotter Consultant at ADNEOM Luxembourg.

Through this new Positive Day, he relates his amazing trip!

“My Positive Day is about no less than 8 positive months.

After 2 years working at ADNEOM Luxembourg, the call to adventure was making itself more and more strong, to the point of finally winning me over in April 2019. The decision was made and approved; I was going to embark on an 8-month barely planned adventure.

A total of 70 hours flying, 50 hours sailing, 8 full days spent in different trains, many rides at the back of various two-wheelers, and uncountable hours spent riding busses, trams, and metros made for an unforgettable 55000 km journey through a dozen countries. Hundreds of beautiful encounters, a considerable number of breathtaking sights and many unfamiliar meals – sometimes delicious, sometimes absurd – made for some invaluable adventures.

I started with the visit of Chernobyl and its post-apocalyptic-like mood and sights and then continued with the crossing by train of the nearly unending and beautiful (and empty!) Russian steppe. A few stops on the way enabled me to play the tourist in Russia’s biggest cities, still rich in Soviet-era memorabilia and architecture and the magnificent orthodox churches and Moscow’s imposing Kremlin. What came next were the calm seas of Japan, the touching wedding ceremony of a friend in Korea, and the climbing of UNESCO protected volcanoes and mountains on Jeju Island.

My departure from Korea in mid-June marked the end of the planned part of this trip. From then onwards, I was able to attend the demonstrations in Hong Kong, visit its famous 34 meters tall bronze Buddha statue on Lantau Island, and explore many temples, monasteries, and other shrines. I scaled the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in China before making my way to the Indonesian beaches, the hospitality of its people, and its unsettling tremors. Finding comfort in the island lifestyle, I remained there for a couple of months, only leaving the country once to renew my visa, and using this excuse to hop by Singapore and Malaysia.

When the call to adventure presented itself again, I answered it and started making my way to Japan, not without first making a second stop in Korea. Japan, not unlike many of the aforementioned countries, would deserve a full article of its own, considering how rich in encounters and experiences my crossing of it from the south to the north was — despite the passage of one of its most significant typhoons in history.

When mid-October arrived, I came to the realization that my year-long journey was going to last 8 months. I could barely afford one more destination and the responsible thing to do was to go back. I now realize that being responsible would have been a gigantic mistake.

I flew back from Australia 2 days before New Year’s Eve, and I am now more ambitious than ever, armed with that positive mindset that kept pushing me forward during my journey. It was exciting but never overwhelming, curiosity always counterbalancing any doubts or lack of sleep.

I’m grateful for the experience and I’m now considering a life abroad in collaboration with The Positive Thinking Company. I can only hope it won’t be my last adventure of the kind.”

Andrew Keymolen
Consultant at Adneom

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