Women’s day at The Positive Thinking Company | Amélie Clément-Lamirault

 “The most important is being able to learn from others, to be mentally stimulated to do or feel things. My vision for 2020 can be thus summarized in one simple word, inspiration. “

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your professional background?  

I’m a fast learnervery dynamic and a young professional woman, I’ve been working for the Positive Thinking Company for a year and a half now as a consultant. I’m fascinated about sustainable Finance and I’ve thus created the Green Finance community whose aim is to promote Sustainable Finance through articles, trainings and afterworks. Additionally, I am part of the CSR community and the Business Analyst community. As being committed to a more sustainable way of life I am also involved in tangible actions: I am a volunteer in a zero waste and organic products grocery store in Luxembourg. 

In what ways is diversity encouraged at PTC?  

By encouraging employees to create communities with shared values, PTC creates an ecosystem where diversity is key. 

How did you become interested in the digital sector? 

Being a daily-user of Yuka, Tricount and Instagram, Digital is part of my own user-experience. I use those apps to save time, money, to select ethical products or just to share my pictures with my network.  

What’s your opinion on the fact that the digital sector is not very feminized?  

In my opinion, no sector should be stereotyped and identified as being for a specific gender. I expect that new trends and innovation in this sector will attract equally male and female in the future.  

What advice would you give to any women interested in a career in IT?

If I had one advice to give it would be to follow your own path by only taking into account your interests and your skills.  

Could you tell us about a project you are currently working on? What is the most challenging aspect of that project for you at the moment?

I am currently working on the implementation of Instant Payment for an International Bank in Luxembourg. The most exciting part of the project is that we have to deal with both business and technical requirements taking into account user-experience. In my opinion, user-centric approach is the key to success in all digital projects.  

Can you tell us about a defining moment in your career at PTC?

The most impressive and exciting moment for me within the PTC ecosystem, was the kick-off of the Green Finance Community.  

How would you define the corporate culture at PTC?  

The corporate culture at PTC is really fulfilling. What really makes the difference is the fact of being able to share moments, skills and experiences with your coworkers. 

Could you name an inspirational person that you’d like to have dinner with?

Someone I’d love to meet in person is Pierre Rhabi, a French writer, farmer and environmentalist considered as a key figure in agroecology. Pierre Rhabi advocates a society which respects its population and land, supporting the development of agricultural techniques which preserve natural resources. 

 Which word would you use to define your vision for 2020? 

For me, the most important is being able to learn from others, to be mentally stimulated to do or feel things. My vision for 2020 can be thus summarized in one simple word, inspiration. 


Amélie Clément Lamirault interviewed by Marine Hervé

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