Agility and containment are not enemies

agility and homeworking

Since January 2020, the world has been facing the emergence of a societal, financial, and unprecedented health crisis for our century. Its recent spread in Europe is leading us to rethink the organization of fundamental elements in our society, such as the hospital system, the relations with the Government authority or the response strategies on a European scale.

How could we take up this new challenge without the digital technology? This kind of situation helps us realize the importance of the digital sector in our society. We must therefore use this unprecedented time to rethink our projects and our work organization in order to be as efficient as possible. Companies that have not invested enough in digital are now realizing that it is harder for them to bounce back. Let’s draw our strength from the digital sector!

Why is the agile mindset so important during the lockdown? 

Agility allows us to organize digital projects. Most of us were already teleworking on an ad hoc or regular basis, but not full-time during a lockdown. We must not meet each other on site nor host events related to projects, such as ceremonies.
In this context, homework is no longer a right, but a civic duty. Our companies try their best to adapt to the current situation. As coworkers, we also have to be versatile and prove that full-time homeworking and agility allow us to remain productive during this difficult period. Together, we’ll all come out of this stronger.
Agile methods allow us to adapt to functional changes quickly, that’s our culture. We are in constant organizational evolution thanks to our hindsight. So, we have a mindset and expertise that is more flexible. Let’s use this strength and leverage our expertise to design together an agile organization compatible with containment.

What are the 2 main pillars of this agile organization?

This new organization relies on 2 pillars, we need to consolidate in order to be as productive as possible:

Interactions rather than processes

This helps us collaborate without implementing long procedures that would slow down our production. It is more difficult in this context to exchange with our colleagues remotely because it may cause misunderstandings. The information can be interpreted in a different way than when we discuss while sharing a cup of coffee or during a brainstorming, writing our ideas on a wall. So, we have to adapt our working method. In order to keep this team dynamic, why not introduce breaks with one or more of your colleagues in an online meeting? The opportunity to share, as usual, a “homemade” coffee and to exchange about the project, current events or various topics of interest to you. In the long run, you will keep the teamwork dynamic you had, but it will also be a breath of fresh air, as you will discuss various topics that are not discussed at home.

Collaboration with clients

The agile culture, and especially the success of a project, is based on the collaboration with clients. Lockdown might cause a loss of confidence from customers who do not fully support teleworking. How can we adapt our practices to reassure them? We believe that the key point is transparency, a strong element of agility. To bring visibility and transparency to our clients, we need to have digitized our agile project management. Agility with post-it notes stuck on a wall works very well when we are not in containment, but currently, unfortunately, we do not share the same walls. So we have to digitize the wall and the post-it notes so that all the project stakeholders can work together. This will foster collaboration and give visibility about the work done. This transparency will therefore reassure the client and allow you to work in good conditions. Many Agile frameworks can be implemented very well on digital tools. The tool must adapt to your methodology and not the other way around. This is why we have chosen to partner with the market leader, which is used by 95% of our customers.
Thanks to the Atlassian suite, it will be very simple to digitize your Agile organization and provide transparency to your customers. If you have any questions about elements highlighted in this article, feel free to contact us! We will surely be able to support you through this health crisis in order to come out stronger thanks to our agile community and our Atlassian experts.


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