A better future for SECAM orphanage

Eric-Joel works as a Business Analyst consultant for ADNEOM Luxembourg since 2015. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he is frequently travelling to Kinshasa, where he has decided to join in a charity humanitarian project and to get the Positive Thinking Company involved in his adventure.

Want to make a difference? We are here to support you!

We have the chance to live in a society full of opportunities, where we can achieve our dreams. Unfortunately, everyone does not have this chance. A statement of fact which intensifies for Eric-Joel who often travels in Congo. He always wondered how to improve the fate of the children in his native country. His will got him involved to make this world a better place.

With the help of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department, it has been indeed possible to launch a solidarity involvement initiative. Follow us in this beautiful journey…

Committed to the world as to the clients.

For the last few years, Eric-Joel has traveled a lot to his birth country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and more precisely to the capital city, Kinshasa. His visits led him to meet and encounter many people there.
He was deeply moved by the fate of street children in some districts: forced into begging and prostitution, they are forsaken to the city streets. “Facing this reality made me feel that, even though I had a positive impact on my clients, I was unable to make a positive difference in the lives of these young children. I felt completely powerless” Eric confides.

Supporting projects dear to our coworkers: the CSR’s mission.

Fortunately, this deep and urgent need to make a difference and to get involved in this country made him talked to his management. As he came back from his trip, it was time for his Annual Career Review, during which the project was born.

“I could not ignore the dark sides of Kinshasa: these lives, these forsaken kids and orphans.”

Eric-Joel was immediately put in touch with the Positive Thinking Company management and the CSR Officer. They talked about the SECAM orphanage (Secours a l’Enfant Congolais pour un Avenir Meilleur in French), an NGO that rescues abandoned children from the streets of Kinshasa. SECAM takes charge of nutritional, health and in-school needs, the daily care of the children and their rehabilitation in a home environment.

The CSR department strives to promote our responsible and respectful behavior towards our stakeholders as employees, clients, suppliers, as well as to the environment and to promote Solidarity Involvement initiatives around access to quality inclusive education and access to good health and well-being. In this way, it helps coworkers building projects that are dear to their hearts, with a financial or physical commitment.

The project took shape thanks to the tight collaboration of the orphanage director, Ms. Félicité KIESE, and a local association from Kinshasa (Fondation Nouveaux Possibles in French), and the feedback of Lionel NISEN (an ADNEOM Brussels consultant who had gone to Madagascar for an educational project supported by the Positive Thinking Company).

Let’s roll up our sleeves!

ADNEOM Luxembourg and Brussels coworkers and even clients answered the call of a clothing collection. Not only that but also the company Brussels Airlines, through its foundation b.foundation for Africa, offered 23kg of free luggage for the project. Thanks to them, clothes were sent to Kinshasa. The clothing drive was such a huge success that the 23kg offered were completely exceeded.

More than expected, thanks to the CSR’s responsiveness and to the will of the management in supporting and developing this project, the Positive Thinking Company financed tuition fees and school supplies for 41 children from the orphanage for the 2017-2018 school year and is committed to continue supporting the schooling of the children and developing the project.

Medical devices and supplies for the orphanage infirmary were also bought thanks to another donation of the Positive Thinking Company, so as to assure better health care adapted to children.

“Last but not least”? There is no “last”, only a beginning.

The SECAM project is growing. Three new consultants and Positive Thinkers joined in this beautiful journey in order to continue and develop our collaboration with SECAM.

“I remembered the day of my job interview for ADNEOM and this motto, Positive Thinking, that I noticed out of the corner of my eye. A motto which is not only beautiful on a paper wall, but true to live and work by.”

So, if you have an idea, a project, talk about it. The CSR department is truly committed and willing to act and have a positive impact on our society, even world-wide in this case. No need to be the head of the company or a Senior Consultant, no need to have methodologies, use complicated words or PowerPoint slides full of pie charts: you can make a positive difference for so many others, you can become Positive Thinkers!

Interested to join or contribute to the SECAM project? Get in contact with Eric-Joël and make Congo a better place.
Eric Joël Ditutu: editutu@adneom.lu

Want to get involved in solidarity projects? Feel free to share your ideas with our CSR team csr@positivethinking.co and start writing a new positive story!


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